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Edge Investment Syndicates - Costs


Edge Investment Syndicates have two functions and clients can elect to use both or any one of:

1. Initial Set Up of the Investment Syndicate.
2. Full Property Management of the Investment Syndicate company and its property for the duration of the syndicate.

Initial Set Up:

The Initial Set Up fee is detailed in each particular property offer. The services provided by Edge Investment Syndicates can include any or all of the following:

  • Sourcing property that fits the requirements for the best return of investment in the short and long term. This includes personally travelling to and viewing properties, attending auctions, and following up leads.
  • Negotiating a deal of up to 30% and more Below Market Value.
  • Paying the property valuation fees.
  • Sourcing and negotiating mortgages where appropriate.
  • Paying for the setting up of the Investment Syndicate registered UK company and the distribution of share certificates to investors.
  • Paying solicitors' costs for property purchased.
  • Use of Edge Investment Syndicates associates (see About us for details).
  • Acting as company Director and Secretary of the syndicate company.
  • Maintaining accounting records of the Investment Syndicate company.
  • Providing access to accounting records to Investment Syndicate shareholders
  • Distribution of monthly accounting statements to Investment Syndicate shareholders.
  • Submission of Annual Accounts to Griffins Accountants for audit review and submission to Companies House in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Conformance to Company Law requirements including annual company registration, data protection, etc.
  • Arranging annual shareholders meetings.
  • Carrying out majority shareholders decisions within the UK and EU laws and regulations.

Not included - Stamp Duty and mortgage company set up costs (if a mortgage is required).

Full Property Management after the initial set up:

Edge Investment Syndicates charges are detailed in each particular property offer however they are very competitive (most high street property companies charge 12-15%). The services provided by Edge Investment Syndicates can include any or all of the following:

  • Achieving maximum rental possible for the short and long term benefit of the syndicate.
  • Sourcing and requesting quotes from reputable builders for any repair work necessary.
  • Managing repair work as efficiently as possible.
  • Finding suitable tenants.
  • Objective of zero time between rentals.
  • Checking tenant's references and credit checking.
  • Preparing and signing of tenancy agreements.
  • Colleting of rental deposits and the safe keeping of them for optimum advantage to the syndicate within the UK and EU legal regulations. Mismanaged rental deposits can incur a £3000 fine, refunding of all rental paid by the tenant, and possibly resulting in a sitting tenant.
  • Collecting the rent.
  • Offering 24-hour tenant support.
  • Managing repairs and renewals.
  • Ensuring annual gas safety certificates are obtained from registered CORGI/Gas Safe inspectors within the legal regulations.
  • Checking in and out of tenants.
  • Regular property inspections during tenancy.
  • Preparing an inventory for the property to be signed by the tenant/s before occupation and the taking of a video and photos inside and outside the properties whenever tenants take or relinquish possession of properties.

If you have any questions regarding these costs please contact Edge Investment Syndicates by going to our Contact Us page.

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