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Edge Investment Syndicates - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if property goes down in value?

    Property has always gone up in value in the long term. Wouldn't we all like to buy property at the prices our parents could have bought property in their day? If property goes down in the short term there is no cause for concern because all property would have been bought for cash and there will be no mortgage or re-mortgage worries. Besides all property will be bought below market value so there is a cushion for any short term fluctuations.
  2. What if I want to get my money out of the scheme?

    Each syndicate scheme will be a registered company with shares. Each investor will receive share certificates to the value of their investment at the commencement of the scheme. Shares can be sold to other members of the public or existing members of the scheme at any time. Should more than 50% of the shareholders at any time elect to sell the property/ies hen Edge Investments will assit in the sale of the property/ies, the closure of the company and the distribution of funds to the shareholders.
  3. How can I find out the status of the syndicate scheme company I have shares in?

    Edge Investment Syndicates operate an open book policy. Income & expenditure and balance sheet details will be distributed to shareholders on a monthly basis within 30 days of the end of the month (so we can ensure all the bills have come in for the month and have been entered into the accounting system). Visits to Edge Investment Syndicates' office are welcomed on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 am where any shareholders can view the records and discuss any questions or concerns they have. The accounting system and files can be shown to shareholders and operational practices discussed.
  4. How do Edge Investment Syndicates make their money?

    Individual syndicate schemes will have full details of remuneration to Edge Investment Syndicates and their interests in the scheme for the setting up and running of the scheme. This gives Edge Investment Syndicates a vested interest in seeing that each and every investment syndicate scheme is successful from the onset and on an ongoing basis.
  5. How do Edge Investment Syndicates secure property below market value?

    Edge Investment Syndicates seek to secure properties from auctions, bank repossessions and negotiation with the seller. The market for one commodity is no different than another. Second hand car dealers buy vehicles at below market value and sell them at market value. It's no different in the housing market. Having cash to purchase houses is a big advantage.
  6. Why can't we do it all ourselves?

    You can. There are strengths and weaknesses in every investment property. Edge Investment Syndicates are here to professionally handle the weaknesses and capitalise on the strengths of every property. There are always pitfalls which you often do not hear about until you have fallen into them. Like for instance the regulations relating to rental deposits, with the recent EU regulations if done incorrectly you can end up having to refund all the money someone has paid in rent and end up with a sitting tenant. The advantage of having Edge Investment Syndicates is that your investment is professionally managed, your risk is spread across many houses, making one problem of small impact to the syndicate as a whole. Edge Investment Syndicates also handle the inevitable calls, such as "my toilet is broken" at 8pm in the evening etc. Because Edge Investment Syndicates are dealing with many properties Edge Investment Syndicates have a much better chance at getting prompt, efficient and quality service out of workmen, resulting in lower costs and quicker resolutions.
  7. What associations does Edge Investment Syndicates have with other people and businesses?

    Edge Investment Syndicates have people who have been in the game for a long time, people who regularly buy off auctions, people who are putting forward good deals, people who are looking out for the next opportunity, people who are experienced property valuers with years of experience, legal backing, accounting and auditing practices and people, subcontractors who do the work for the main stream businesses like roofing companies etc. Edge Investment Syndicates have an association with Bryce Barnett of KCL Property, www.kclproperty.co.nz who has been in this business for over 20 years and who has made many people very wealthy by managing their investments,
  8. Why should we trust Edge Investment Syndicates with our money?

    Funds are held in trust with Caversham Solicitors Ltd, Prospect House, 1 Prospect Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8JB, c/o Mr Robert Last, Managing Director, Telephone 0118 947 8638 until the Edge Investment syndicate limited company is formed, shares distributed to the investors in the syndicate in the proportion to their investment, and property is purchased with the funds. The directors of a UK company are held personally liable if strict regulations are not followed, and they are accountable to the shareholders of the company which in this case are the syndicate investors.
    Mr Kenneth M Good is the managing director of Edge Impact Consulting Ltd, trading as Edge Investment Syndicates and he will be the director of the Edge Investment syndicate limited companies. Ken has:

    • Been a director in the UK for a number of companies since 1989.
    • Is a respected member of the community.
    • Has been a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for many years and a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Action Group, working closely with the police and public sector bodies for the betterment of the community.
    • Has the highest integrity and is a member of the local church, helping the community wherever possible.
    • Has managed businesses extremely successfully in the past.
    Further details about Ken Good can be found on www.edgeimpact.co.uk/BusinessProfitImprovement.asp
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