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Edge Investment Syndicates

Property: Caverhsam 2012-01

Caversham 2012-01 Syndicate Opportunity. 

We have an option for you to invest in a share of the purchase of a property in Caversham, Reading, RG4, UK. 

You can purchase shares in a UK registered company to be formed for the sole purpose of purchasing this property which will be let out to individuals on short hold tenancy agreements in order to generate regular monthly income.

The objective is to provide investors with a good regular return on their money and at the same time inflation proof their investment with the natural capital appreciation of property.

How this works:

  • The sale price of the property is £339,500 (refer to the table of full costs below) before negotiation with the seller.
  • Investors complete an application form and submit it together with their cheque or draft to our solicitors to be held in trust for the set up of this company and the purchase of the property as above.
  • Should the full purchase amount not be raised but suffcient funds are raised in order to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage then this route will be taken. This in the long term provides better gearing of investment and will see better returns on investment.
  • Edge Investments form a UK registered company consisting of shares to the value of the balance of the cost of the property after taking into account the Investment Money, and Ken Good is registered as the company director. The company and director/s are governed by the laws and regulations applicable to all companies in the UK. Shareholders will be issued with share certificates clearly showing their entitlement.
  • The number of shares will be calculated based on the total cost of the property plus 3% for the cost of Edge Investments to set up the scheme and carry out all the tasks associated with it.
  • Shares are distributed to Syndicate Investors in proportion to their investment.
  • The property is managed by Edge Investments at a cost of 10% of the rental revenue received (charges by local property letting management companies are around 15%).
  • A copy of a statement of accounts is made available every month within this website by secure logon by shareholders so that shareholders know the sate of affairs at any point in time.
  • Full accounts are kept of all revenue and expenses and are open to be viewed by shareholders or their authorised representatives during office hours on Thursdays or otherwise at any other suitable time as arranged.
  • Dividends are paid out one month after the end of each quarter and will consist of all profits made in the quarter.
  • Any shareholder can sell any or all of their shares to existing members or anyone else at any time at the price the shareholder decides on. Assistance with the valuation will be provided by Edge Investments.
  • Should more than 50% of the shareholders at any time decide to sell the property to realise the cash then this will be carried out by Edge Investments on the shareholders behalf.

Purchase Costs


Property Purchase


Government Stamp Duty






Building Alteration Costs


Reserve fund for emergencies


Total Property Cost


Shares issued (including 3%)




Monthly Rent


5 Rooms - average rent £450ea


Bedsit downstairs


Total Monthly Revenue




Monthly Expenses


Council Tax








Maintenance (inc gas inspections)


Sky and broadband Internet


Management Fee AFTER 1st 6 months, 10% of rental


Total Monthly Expenses




Net Monthly Revenue


Yearly Revenue


Revenue return per share


Average property price increase pa (in long term)


Return on Money Invested in real terms



Example Syndicate Investment - capital aspect:

Property Cost



Number of shares



Property Appreciation after 10 years


(conservative, 100% in 7 years is average)

Value of property after 10 years



Repayment of Investor Money



Net value to Syndicate Investors






Profit percentage



The advantages and disadvantages of this Investment Syndicate:

  • The property is purchased, managed, company set up, accounting records kept, and run in the most efficient manner by Edge Investments who are experienced in this field so that the investor does not have to worry about the day to day running of the property and its tenants.
  • The investor reaps the benefits of the buy to let market and the capital appreciation over time of the property.
  • Property might go down as well as up in value.
  • The property does not have to be sold off by all investors at any time should the market be depressed. Those who wish to sell their shares can do so to those who wish to continue with the investment at any time.
  • Capital gains can be deferred over time by selling off some shares every year.
  • Reading has major railway work taking place right now to accommodate the Euro-tunnel trains to France as a major terminal in Reading.
  • Many more people are still coming to the UK than leaving and there is no end in sight of it because of the high standard of living compared to most countries in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Reading is 43 miles from London and London is hosting the 2012 Olympics, with many events taking place at other centres. This is known to give the whole country an economic boost which results in house prices going up.
  • Reading Borough Council is still spending a lot of money on the development of Reading as a business centre, with major road works to accommodate the changes. All this pushes prices up for a sought after area.
  • Property prices are still going up despite the current economy and in the long term propert prices always go up because of an ever increasing population and therefore scarcity of available accomodation, besides, the time to buy is when the market is depressed and not when everyone is trying to buy property.
  • This property is already divided into 3 separate dwellings. The alteration costs above are for the installation of one fire door, and two shower/toilet rooms.
  • The current rental for one room with a shower/toilet in a shared house in the same road is £520 per month. One of the bedsits in the house is currently being let out at £640 per month and is known to be below market value.
  • The property is 17 minutes walk from the station and in a sought after area of Reading.
  • Three minutes walk to the Thames River and to the local Caversham shops including Waitrose, Iceland, Tescos Express, pubs, bakery, butchers and restaurants and on the main bus routes to Reading.
  • It's easy to let property out in a good location which this property is in.
  • A property which is let out as individual rooms means that when one unit is undergoing a tenant changeover the others almost always are not, therefore giving a more consistent rental income.

Why is Edge Investments offering to set this up?

Edge Investments, managed by Ken Good, invest in property and it is the opinion of many that this is the ideal time to invest in property, in a depressed market. The value of property is always going up and Ken Good will be personally investing in this syndicate investment with the hope of taking others along with him to enjoy the benefits of regular income from rent but mainly capital appreciation over the long term.

Why is Edge Investments only charging 10% of rental revenue for the management of the property when local firms are charging 15%?

Edge Investments, on behalf of Ken Good, will be managing this property anyway so a 10% return is more than enough to cover costs when it is the capital appreciation that is in fact sought. The 10% covers advertising for tenants, contracts, management of deposits within the strict regulations, sourcing of workmen such as plumbers and electricians when needed, bookkeeping, distribution of dividends. Edge Investments have a working relationship with building contractors and use a computerised system for accounts so in actual fact this is not that much of a time consuming job to be charging more than 10%.

If you have any questions please call Ken Good, details on our contact us pages otherwise register today without delay by downloading your application form and submitting your cheque to the 2011-03 Syndicate Opportunity trust fund held by our solicitors, details of which can be found on our Contact Us page.


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