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Edge Investment Syndicates - Terms of Business

Terms of Business  

  1. Edge Investment Syndicates management and staff will always operate in an open and honest manner.
  2. Edge Investment Syndicates’ main aim is to maximise the return of client investments.
  3. Client investments will be held in a trust fund managed by Caversham Solicitors with all the trust fund regulations applied to solicitors in the UK that this brings.
  4. All moneys will only be used for their intended purposes, namely the terms of the investment syndicate that a client has signed up for including securing of property, the repair and maintenance of that property, and expenses related directly to that property.
  5. Edge Investment Syndicates will only operate with the highest integrity and with the shareholders interests at heart.
  6. Edge Investment Syndicates will endeavour to attain the maximum rental and capital on each property to ensure maximum returns to shareholders.
  7. Each investment syndicate will run as a separate limited company, together with all the laws and regulations pertaining to UK limited companies that this brings, consisting of shareholders who hold the absolute control of the company.
  8. All shares in investment syndicate companies will have equal voting rights.
  9. Shares in investment syndicates will be issued to clients in proportion to the amount of investment they have made.
  10. All investment syndicates will be managed by Edge Investment Syndicates however shareholders can at any time choose to elect an alternative management company at any time on a majority vote of shareholders.
  11. Edge Investment Syndicates commit to carry out the conditions in the individual investment syndicate companies Memorandum and Articles of Association without deviation.
  12. Edge Investment Syndicates will operate an open book accounting system to shareholders for every investment syndicate company. Shareholders will be able to visit Edge Investment Syndicates offices and review all accounts every third Tuesday of the month at 10am or on any other day by arrangement.
  13. Edge Investment Syndicates will distribute accounts statements showing income and expenditure and capital value to shareholders every month, within 30 days of the end of the month.
  14. Edge Investment Syndicates will host a shareholders meeting within 2 months of the anniversary of incorporation every year where annual statements will be produced for each investment syndicate company.
  15. Edge Investment Syndicates welcomes client and shareholders input to all matters of the running of the investment syndicates.


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